Teeny Context

About Teeny Context

Name: Teeny Context
Overview: A set of utility commands for file management.
OS: Windows 98 and later
Requirements: None
Language: English
License: Freeware
Author: Moochos

Teeny Context is a set of utility commands for file management. Teeny Context starts with a drop of files onto the program icon and prompts the user for a command to perform on the file (a single file is assigned to an instance). The commands include: open the directory, explore the directory, copy the path, and start a command prompt with the current directory set to where the file is placed.



Version 2.0.0 (released on 2012-08-02):


Latest Versions

Version 2.0.0 (released on 2012-08-02): Version 1.0.0 (released on 2009-06-04):

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